Sunday, July 31, 2011


Last summer, Matt and I enjoyed our engagement session with Melissa De Jong of Stay Forever Photography.  I am very excited to announce that our central park shoot was featured on Lela New York Wedding Blog yesterday!  Melissa, thank you for doing such an amazing job on our engagement photos. You truly are a gifted photographer.  View Melissa's full blog post of our engagement session last summer here.  

Saturday, July 30, 2011


I was sitting on the couch in my living room, staring at the front door. It was silent and all the windows were open, giving me a great view of anyone approaching the house.  My cat Kylie was sitting up on the windowsill, watching and waiting as well, as if she knew something exciting was about to arrive. 

Let’s back up a bit.  Last week, I got a phone call from my parents saying they wanted to invest in my photography business.  I think part of it had to do with the fact that I was constantly “borrowing” my dad’s new Nikon D7000 to go on photo shoots, but they swore it was because they believed in me. 

For weeks I had been talking about my DREAM CAMERA.  I had told everyone in my family and my sweet husband Matt’s family, no Christmas presents this year, I was starting a fund for the Canon 5D Mark II.

For those of you who don’t know, the Canon 5D Mark II is a 21.1 megapixel, full frame digital camera.  It is famous among wedding photographers for its ability to shoot in low light situations due to its amazing ISO capabilities (100-6,400).

Back to the story.  After what felt like an ETERNITY, the doorbell rang three quick times, DING, DING, DING.  I jumped off the couch and flung open the door, finding a UPS man holding a large, brown, B&H photo box, just for me.  I brought the box inside and tore it open as fast as I could, revealing the camera of my dreams, the Canon 5D Mark II.

Mom and Dad, thank you for believing in me.  Your endless love and support is a true blessing and I appreciate it more than you will ever know.

My new love, the Canon 5D Mark II
50 mm 1.4  Canon Lens
24-105mm Canon L Series Lens
580 EX II Speedlite Flash
Tenba Mini Messenger

I wanted to end the post with a picture of my sweet cat Kylie.  Here she is helping me watch for the UPS man, isn't she the best?!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Lori is the type of girl you look at and think, I want to be just like her.  She is a classic beauty, always perfectly put together, down to the very last detail. (Check out her super cute owl earrings in these photos).  She has a unique and hilarious sense of humor that not many people get, but Ashley does.  Ashley can joke around with the best of them.  Half of the time I can’t tell whether he is being serious or sarcastic because he always keeps such a straight face! Together, Lori and Ashley make the perfect pair, balancing each other out in a way that only people who are meant for each other can.

Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of photographing Lori and Ashley on a rooftop in the Flatiron District.  We were able to shoot at golden hour, right before the sun set on NYC, and I just LOVE the beautiful glow it cast on the scene.  Check out a few of my favorite photos from the day below.  

I think the most beautiful smiles are genuine smiles.  
Lori, YOU. LOOK. AMAZING.  Ashley, you look pretty good yourself.
My second shooter and stylist Mekina Saylor came up with the idea to add a brelli to the shot.  I think it is great when a couple is up for using fun props.  

"We cannot really love anybody with whom we never laugh" -Agnes Repplier

STOP guys are too adorable.  
Lori and Ashley took a chance and climbed up on the the side of the building to get this amazing shot down 22nd Street at sunset.

I will end this post with a very cool pose on top of the water tower.  Lori and Ashely, you are fearless, fun and fabulous.  Your joy for life and quickness to laugh will make for many happy days.

Monday, July 25, 2011


It was June, right before senior year of high school.  The summer was hot in Tennessee, but it was a sweet one for Ali and Nathan.  Under the warmth of the summer sun, Ali and Nathan fell in love. 

Graduation day came and went, and in the fall, Ali moved to Statesboro, GA to attend Georgia Southern University on a tennis scholarship, while Nathan pursued Exercise Science at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, TN.  Separated by seven hours, Ali and Nathan began their long distance relationship.   

Four years later, on Easter weekend, Nathan got down on one knee and asked Ali to marry him. These high school sweethearts are planning on tying the knot next June, and they couldn’t be happier.    

I am so excited to share this sneak peek engagement session with you, not only because Ali and Nathan are a gorgeous couple, but because they are family!  That’s right, Nathan is my future brother in law and Ali is my beautiful sister and my best friend.  I love these two more than I could ever explain and I am so honored to have photographed their engagement session this weekend. 

I am going to warn you that this sneak peek is MASSIVE, but I just couldn’t help myself! Be on the look out for more of Ali and Nathan’s fabulous NYC engagement session later this week, the best is yet to come!

We started shooting in the alleyways of 6:00 a.m.!
I just LOVE the old stone on Collister Street.

You two look like you are ready to conquer the world!
Ali and Nathan made even the simplest locations look amazing.  This was taken in a phone booth we found on 6th Avenue.
I am obsessed with this angle captured by my incredibly talented second shooter, Mekina Saylor.

Ali and Nathan made a quick change before we headed to Central Park.  Ali, I am just going to say what everyone is look like an angel!  
The weather was extremely hot, so we stopped for some ice cream to cool off.

After a long morning of walking through the city, Ali and Nathan enjoyed some time to themselves on a relaxing boat ride in Central Park.  

Straight out of The Notebook!  You guys could totally be Noah and Allie in this picture.  

I will end this sneak peek on a sweet note. Ali and Nathan, you are so perfect together.  Your love story has been a fairy tale and I can't wait to see what will happen next!

Friday, July 22, 2011


This evening I had the pleasure of photographing two of my very close friends, Lori and Ashley.  I couldn't wait to share their NYC roof top photo shoot with you, so I decided to put up a sneak peek tonight!  Be on the look out for their full post later this weekend.  

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


This weekend I had the pleasure of attending Angela and Daniel’s elegant summer wedding in Charlotte, NC, as a guest.  Even though I was not the photographer at this wedding, (please check out Sarajane Case Photography's AMAZING photos of the day here), I wanted to help document my friend’s special day!  I hope you enjoy their pictures as much as I do!

Angela and Daniel are one of those couples that you just want to be around because they are always having so much fun!  Angela’s vivacious personality and undeniable confidence is what drew Daniel to her over five years ago!  As a freshman at Gardner-Webb University, Daniel knew he had found the perfect match for his active lifestyle.  Being a Division I football and baseball player, Daniel needed someone who could keep up and Angela was ready for the challenge!  Angela and Daniel have been looking at everyday as an exciting adventure ever since and I just know these newly weds will be incredibly happy together.  

Congratulations on your marriage Angela and Daniel, your wedding was spectacular!

Beautiful outdoor ceremony at the Duke Mansion in Charlotte, NC.  
An emotional walk down the aisle. 
I LOVE these father/daughter photographs.

You may kiss the bride!
Walking down the aisle as Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Cooke.
After the ceremony, guests mingled in the courtyard behind the mansion while snacking on crab cakes.
Angela and Daniel set up corn hole for guests to enjoy during cocktail hour.  I thought this was a great idea since I remember the bride and groom playing almost every weekend in college. 
The cutest guest book I have ever seen!  Guests placed their thumb prints as leaves on the branches and signed their names.  Kudos on such a unique idea.  

Could this cake topper be more adorable?!

The first dance.

Jenny Gomez, Maid of Honor, read a hilarious poem she wrote for the the bride and groom as her speech.  Angela was in tears over the heartfelt words from her best friend.  
Tossing the bouquet!

Removing the garter...ooh la la!

Enjoying one last dance together before their grand exit.

You two are perfect together!!

To see more of Angela and Daniel's elegant Charlotte, NC wedding, feel free to view the slideshow below.