Monday, October 31, 2011


It was one of those perfect days.  The sound of gentle waves cascading against the beach, a sky so blue it almost looked imaginary, and warm sand under bare feet.   As we walked along an almost deserted beach by Barnegat Lighthouse, leaving our footprints in the sand, Jenny and Ki Joon thought back to the moment they first crossed paths.  

They met in church.  Ki Joon was attracted to Jenny's bright smile and vibrant personality while Jenny was innately drawn to Ki Joon's quitet sense of confidence.  After a few weeks of playing hard to get, Jenny agreed to Ki Joon's proposal for dinner and a movie.  Two years later, these lovebirds were engaged to be married.  

Fast forward to today.  Along with planning for their December wedding at the beautiful Cairnwood Estate, Jenny and Ki Joon are busy finishing up school.  Jenny spends the majority of her time with her pre-law books while Ki Joon strives to earn his degree in accounting and finance from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA.  In his free time, Ki Joon can be found swinging his clubs on the golf course.  Jenny can appreciate golf, but really prefers flag football on the beach! 

I feel so lucky to have met this amazing couple.  I can't wait to capture their big day in December.  For now, please enjoy their engagement photos, shot on the beautiful Long Beach Island in NJ!

We started out their engagement session at Barnegat Lighthouse.  Jenny and Ki Joon looked very nautical in their white and navy!
These large rocks were scattered along the edge of the beach.  Jenny, you are looking SO FIERCE here, wrapped in Ki Joon's arms.

Jenny and Ki Joon know how to have fun together!  They were laughing and playing all day!
I thought a shot standing among the seagulls would look cool.  Ki Joon wanted to run through them.  His idea wins, hands down!

Sitting amongst the yellow wildflowers, Jenny and Ki Joon enjoyed a quiet moment to themselves. 

J ♥ KJ

Ki Joon couldn't have done a better job in selecting Jenny's brilliant round engagement ring, surrounded by pave diamonds. 

After we finished exploring the lighthouse, Jenny and Ki Joon changed and headed down to 19th street.  

Grabbing a couple of scattered sticks, Jenny and Ki Joon drew a heart in the sand.

Jenny, you are BEAUTIFUL!

Jenny and Ki Joon, it is such a pleasure to know you.  Your love for each other shines brightly as a wonderful example for all those around.


  1. ok I have sooooo many favorites! But I'm obsessed with the one of them on the rocks! Everything about it is aaaaamazing!

  2. i love the close up photos you captured! i also love the two photos in front of the lighthouse with all the green bushes on the sides! gorgeous color in those pictures! i also love the ring shot on the yellow flower. i am obsessed with so many of these! great job! they are such a cute couple.

  3. Amy,
    These pictures are great. They are very interesting and are not snap shots! I love the walking on the beach and the picture of the legs and feet in water with a breaking wave. I also like the bench photos and the photos of the ring on the flower and the shell. VERY creative!