Monday, October 31, 2011


It was one of those perfect days.  The sound of gentle waves cascading against the beach, a sky so blue it almost looked imaginary, and warm sand under bare feet.   As we walked along an almost deserted beach by Barnegat Lighthouse, leaving our footprints in the sand, Jenny and Ki Joon thought back to the moment they first crossed paths.  

They met in church.  Ki Joon was attracted to Jenny's bright smile and vibrant personality while Jenny was innately drawn to Ki Joon's quitet sense of confidence.  After a few weeks of playing hard to get, Jenny agreed to Ki Joon's proposal for dinner and a movie.  Two years later, these lovebirds were engaged to be married.  

Fast forward to today.  Along with planning for their December wedding at the beautiful Cairnwood Estate, Jenny and Ki Joon are busy finishing up school.  Jenny spends the majority of her time with her pre-law books while Ki Joon strives to earn his degree in accounting and finance from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA.  In his free time, Ki Joon can be found swinging his clubs on the golf course.  Jenny can appreciate golf, but really prefers flag football on the beach! 

I feel so lucky to have met this amazing couple.  I can't wait to capture their big day in December.  For now, please enjoy their engagement photos, shot on the beautiful Long Beach Island in NJ!

We started out their engagement session at Barnegat Lighthouse.  Jenny and Ki Joon looked very nautical in their white and navy!
These large rocks were scattered along the edge of the beach.  Jenny, you are looking SO FIERCE here, wrapped in Ki Joon's arms.

Jenny and Ki Joon know how to have fun together!  They were laughing and playing all day!
I thought a shot standing among the seagulls would look cool.  Ki Joon wanted to run through them.  His idea wins, hands down!

Sitting amongst the yellow wildflowers, Jenny and Ki Joon enjoyed a quiet moment to themselves. 

J ♥ KJ

Ki Joon couldn't have done a better job in selecting Jenny's brilliant round engagement ring, surrounded by pave diamonds. 

After we finished exploring the lighthouse, Jenny and Ki Joon changed and headed down to 19th street.  

Grabbing a couple of scattered sticks, Jenny and Ki Joon drew a heart in the sand.

Jenny, you are BEAUTIFUL!

Jenny and Ki Joon, it is such a pleasure to know you.  Your love for each other shines brightly as a wonderful example for all those around.

Friday, October 28, 2011


This week we are traveling to my all time favorite spot for dessert, Serendipity!  Located on 60th between 2nd and 3rd avenue, Serendipity is close to Central Park, 5th Avenue, and the Roosevelt Island Tram.  It’s a good things there are so many great places to hang out nearby.  If you don’t hold a reservation, it can be quite a long wait! 

Serendipity serves a wide variety of food, but they are known for fabulous desserts.  The Frrrozen Hot Chocolate is on the top of their popularity list, but my favorite is the Forbidden Broadway Sundae.  This heavenly treat comes with a large piece of chocolate cake, soft vanilla ice cream, and the most delicious hot fudge you have ever tasted. 

While I try to make my way to Serendipity on every trip to the city, the best time to go is during the Christmas season.  Decked with floor to ceiling lights and unique ornaments, Serendipity turns into a magical place, one I never want to leave.  

Which one looks better to you?

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Are you ready for another amazing sneak peek?  A few weeks ago, Kerry and Mike happily pledged to spend their lives together during a beautiful Catholic ceremony in New York.  Afterwards, we headed over to the Queens County Farm Museum for a night full of dancing and dining with family and friends.  (And plenty of fun pictures of course!) Here are a few that I have fallen in love with...I hope you will too!

 The entire wedding party made sure Kerry and Mike were having fun, ALL NIGHT LONG!

A big thanks goes out to Betsi Ewing for inviting me on to second shoot with her.  Check back for Kerry and Mike's full post, coming soon!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


This weekend I was honored to photograph part one of Jenny and Ki Joon's engagement session on Long Beach Island!  I couldn't have asked for a sweeter couple or a more beautiful day.  Enjoy this sneak peek of a few of my favorites.  Jenny and Ki Joon's full post will follow soon! 

Monday, October 24, 2011


They call themselves Team Morton and that's what they are.  An unstoppable and truly beautiful team.  Neil, Sharyn Carroll, Roseanna, and Rally are a close knit family with many talents and a heart for sports.

Neil Morton is the man of the house and is extremely passionate about boxing.  This is a good thing since he is the chief executive of Everlast Worldwide, the maker of boxing, mixed martial arts and fitness related sporting goods.  Sharyn Carroll Morton has found success and happiness in creating and designing her own sports fashion line.  The Sharyn Carroll Collection provides style-conscious, performance based apparel for tennis, fitness, yoga, golf, and the spa.  Her clothes can be found in high end boutiques and clubs like Trump National, the Mar-a-Lago Club  in Palm Beach, and Tennis East in East Hampton, NY.  Roseanna Morton just turned 12 this year.  She has found her own love for sports in soccer.  Rally Morton is the newest addition to Team Morton.  She is a lab/weimaraner mix and she couldn't be more adorable.  Together, Team Morton makes up one AMAZING family.

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of photographing Team Morton at their home in Chatham, NJ.  Check out some of my favorite family photos below.

Roseanna and Rally make an adorable pair.  

Rally could be found kicking her pink and white soccer ball all around the front yard.  She obviously shares Roseanna's passion for soccer.  
Sharyn Carroll and Neil were married last December on St. John in the Virgin Islands.  Their love for each other was obvious in the sweet glances they shared all morning.

The family outfits coordinated perfectly.  Sharyn Carroll and Roseanna wore a matching dress and skirt combo from Lilly Pulitzer.

Neil, Sharyn Carroll and Roseanna Morton, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your lives for a day.  You are a beautiful family and I wish you all the happiness in the world.

Friday, October 21, 2011


Sushi Samba is one of those place you can walk by and just know it's cool.  With a unique blend of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian cuisine, there is no place like it in New York City.  The music is always going and the energy this restaurant gives off can be felt from a mile away.  The ladies of Sex and the City were practically regulars at Sushi Samba when the show was filming.  Since I am a HUGE Sex and the City fan, I had to check it out!

Sushi Samba was actually the first "friend date" Mekina and I went on when she first moved to New York!  We ordered a Samba 7 roll and Green Envy to share.  Both were DELICIOUS!  Next time you are in the West Village, stop by!  I guarantee you will have a good time.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


The night was warm, bearing a striking resemblance to the night on October 16th, exactly one year before.  As Matt and I boarded the World Yacht Duchess, we smiled at each other,  remembering that it was on this exact ship that we got engaged.  As the sun slipped below the city skyline, Matt and I set sail on our dinner cruise around New York City, celebrating one year of marriage, filled with love.  

After dinner was served, we ventured to the lounge on the upper deck to take in the beauty of the bright city lights.  This being a momentous occasion in the journey of our lives, we began reflecting on the past year together.  How the time flew by!!  In this short year we: 
-Moved into a new townhouse, filling it with things of our own  
-Explored the beauty and the splendor of five countries we had never visited together before (Italy, Spain, France, Greece and Turkey)
-Adopted our first daughter (cat) Kylie
-Ventured onto the golf course together, where Matt discovered just how stubborn I can really be
-And realized that the thing we are most thankful for in our marriage is the constant love and support we give one another every day 

As the night came to a close, Matt and I put the past behind us and started making new memories for our future. Dancing cheek to cheek to Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York," I was filled with great happiness.  I couldn't have asked for a more perfect evening, a night I will remember for years to come.

For one of my presents, Matt agreed to do a one year anniversary photo shoot in Central Park!  I was excited about the photos but even more excited that my sister Ali Beavers and close friend (and second shooter) Mekina Saylor were going to be taking them! 
I LOVE this creative angle Ali captured through the trees along the Reservoir.  
Before starting the shoot, I gave Ali a quick lesson on how to shoot in manual.  I was so impressed with how quickly she learned how to adjust the ISO and the shutter speed for the changing light!  We left the aperture wide open at 1.4 for the majority of the shoot.

I am SO IN LOVE with this sweet shot.
We arrived on bow bridge, just as the city lights began to twinkle against the night sky.  Thanks to Mekina for capturing this beautiful photo.
One of my favorite parts of our one year anniversary was cutting into the top tier of our wedding cake!
I actually thought the cake still tasted good.  Matt...not so much!!
The views from our dinner cruise around New York City were amazing...

But not as amazing as the wonderful night I spent with my husband.  Happy one year anniversary Matt, I love you sweetheart.