Monday, August 15, 2011


It started out with a walk and two cups of Rita’s ice cream.  Mekina and I were preparing to attend a 4th of July BBQ with my 10:10 group of The Life Christian Church.  My 10:10 group is a weekly devotional meeting based around the book TEN, written by my pastor, Terry Smith.  I was telling her a little about the book and the group so she would feel up to speed when she met everyone that night.  I began by explaining how much the book and my group had supported me in going after my dream of becoming a wedding photographer and Mekina started to open up to me about hers.

For as long as we have known each other, Mekina and I have been talking about weddings.  Not just as a passing subject, no, we talk for hours upon hours about weddings!  For Mekina, it has always been this way.  Even as a little girl of five, Mekina could be found orchestrating thumb weddings in her free time.  At 15, she would stay up late designing wedding dresses, sketching design after design.  Now, at 23, Mekina dreams of owning her own wedding planning company, with incredibly unique ideas that I believe could help revolutionize the industry as we know it.

With such BIG dreams it is easy to start questioning, is this really possible for me?  That is where I think “dream encouragers” enter.  Dream encouragers ask, what are the steps you need to be taking now to make your dream come true, and how can I help support you in this process.  They are always there pushing you to step outside of your comfort zone with reassurance that if you keep moving forward your dream can become a reality. 

Mekina is just one of my many dream encouragers.  So far, we have worked together on four shoots now, Lori + Ashley, Ali + Nathan, Kelsey + John, and Kelli + Brian (Brooklyn Bridge, coming soon).  Mekina acts as my second shooter, but more importantly, as a stylist.  Her input on use of props like the brelli, ice cream cones, and balloons are a huge part of what makes our shoots unique and I believe any bride would be lucky to have her guidance on planning their special day.  Together, we are always challenging each other to step outside of the box and I think that is what makes us such a great team, and dream encouragers for each other.   

Here are a few pictures of Mekina I snapped after an off broadway play we attended last Saturday.

 Isn't she breathtakingly BEAUTIFUL?!


  1. Amy,
    Mekina is a beautiful young lady. I really like the photo of her leaning up against the brick wall. You caught her in a very natural moment and you got to love those boots!

  2. So cute!! I love these pics and you two! Can't wait for tomorrow!