Sunday, August 28, 2011


The sun was shining and the city was abuzz with visitors fitting in one last vacation before the end of summer.  Kelli was busy showing Brian around New York and she had saved one of her favorite spots for last, the Brooklyn Bridge.  Making their way up the old wooden walking path, they marveled at the beauty of many of New York’s historic icons. 

As they walked towards the middle of the bridge, they were just able to make out the Statue of Liberty.  Kelli ran to the edge, excitedly pointing out the famous icon of freedom to Brian.  Directly in front of them was Brooklyn, the most populous of New York City’s five boroughs.  Brooklyn is known for its distinct culture, independent art scene, and unique architectural heritage. Behind them lay the financial district and Pier 17, one of my favorite spots in the entire city. 

Later that evening, Kelli and Brian returned to the pier for a romantic dinner on the water.  As the sun went down, the bright lights of the Brooklyn Bridge shimmered against the Hudson River.  Kelli and Brian smiled at each other, enjoying the simple pleasure of a day spent together.

I am in love with these fun pictures of Kelli and Brian on the Brooklyn Bridge!  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

We started off at one of the benches scattered along the walking path.  The evening light was loving Kelli and Brian!

Kelli is the type of girl who can make anyone laugh!  People are always drawn to her vivacious personality.
With the right time of the day and the right angle, it was possible to make it look like Kelli and Brian were the only people on the bridge.  
Mekina and I picked up these balloons specifically for the shoot.  I love the way the bright yellow pops against the blue sky. 

I love this angle my second shooter Mekina captured.  Kelli, you look so genuinely happy!

I will end with this shot of Kelli and Brian looking very much in love.  To see more of this fun couple, check out HAMPTON HAPPINESS.   Happy Sunday!


  1. i love the silhouetted picture and i love the yellow balloons!

  2. These pictures turned out amazing! The balloons were definitely worth it :)

  3. Amy,
    Cute pictures of Kelli and Brian. I like the photo with 3 balloons shot from behind. I also like the picture of kelli looking at the camera and Brian's back...a creative angle. Who does not like the last shot...very good use of light! Finally, I find the shot of them walking up the bridge and the angles of the support wires that gives the photo a spider web effect....very creative.

  4. These are awesome!!! its crazy how it looks like were the only ones on the bridge when there were like 5000 people there!! Had so much fun taking these!!!! thanks amy your the best!!!