Friday, August 26, 2011


This week I am going to take you to my favorite burger joint in the city, Shake Shack!  Nothing draws me in faster than a place where I can enjoy a meal and delicious dessert, all in one spot! 

I found Shake Shack when I was picking up tickets for Rain on Broadway.  I was a little early so I decided to grab dinner before the show.  I am always looking for new places to try and tonight, I wanted to discover somewhere GOOD.  Discover…like I was going to be the first person to find it.  As I made my way up 8th avenue, a bright flashing sign and a line that stretched 10 feet out the door caught my eye.  I stuck my head inside to discover a parade of cheeseburgers, Chicago style hotdogs and creamy milkshakes in front of me.  YUUUUMMY!  I waited in line and ordered a shack burger and fries.  For dessert, I decided on a chocolate concrete (basically custard blended with your favorite toppings) with marshmallow cream and chocolate truffle cookie dough.  Talk about heaven in your mouth!  I finished off my meal and headed off to Rain, completely satisfied.    
The Shake Shack in the theatre district is always packed!
The shack burger and favorite.
The resurfaced tables were once part of a bowling lane!
My favorite Shake Shack is actually located in Madison Square Park.
You might recognize this location from the movie "Something Borrowed".

Of course, Shake Shack is always better when it is enjoyed with friends.  As much as we try and stay away, I know my second shooter Mekina and I will enjoy many more meals from Shake Shack in the future.


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  1. Amy i LOVE your blog! Your photos are stunning (of course, I knew this special talent about you years ago, back in 7th grade! haha). Miss you and hope you are fabulous!