Thursday, September 1, 2011


They met in college, on a blind date.  Richard was getting ready for a party held by his fraternity when last minute, his date backed out.  It was a good thing too; otherwise he might have never met Janice.  Playing matchmaker, Richard’s roommate suggested “Why don’t you take my sister to the party?”  Richard agreed it was a good idea, and so the date was set.

As you can guess, Richard and Janice hit it off right away. They dated for a year and two months and were married soon after college graduation in Canton, CT.  It was an intimate wedding.  Richard’s father even officiated the ceremony.  Many years later, Richard and Janice are still together and just as in love, if not more than they were on their wedding day.

This week I had the pleasure of spending time with Matt’s grandparents, and now mine, Richard and Janice!  These two just have a way of making me smile.   They are kind, incredibly generous, and are constantly looking for ways to care for others.  They have been together for over 60 years and they still always kiss each other goodnight.  

Here are a few of my favorites from this week, taken at their lake house in New Hampshire.  

What a beautiful SMILE!

Thank you both for opening up your home to us this week, we had a wonderful (and very relaxing) vacation!


  1. Awwww...what a sweet story! Thanks for sharing! :) Great pics!

  2. I love the one of Janice smiling... You have a gift of capturing people when they seem to be incandescently happy!

  3. Amy,
    Great job of capturing Mr. and Mrs Anderson. I know Sue will cherish these professional photos of her dear parents.