Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Details, details, details.  I could shoot them all day, everyday.  As a recent bride, I know how much time and effort can go into every aspect of the wedding and I believe it is very important for a photographer to take the time to preserve these memories.  With limited time on a wedding day, how do you make sure you capture EVERYTHING?

First, you will want to obtain a copy of the wedding day timeline as early as possible.  Once you know the schedule, you can begin to plan your own.  I like to give myself at least 30 minutes while the bride is getting her hair and make-up done to shoot the dress, rings, shoes, garter, jewelry, gifts, invitations, hand written vows and anything else that might be special to the bride and groom.  

Second, it is a good idea to let your bride know before the wedding to gather any details that are important to her and have them grouped together in the bridal suite.  That way, you are sure not to leave anything out.  It is possible the bride will be too busy the day of her wedding to think about gathering everything beforehand.  If this is the case, enlist the help of one of the bridesmaids!

Lastly, make sure that you plan enough time to photograph the reception area BEFORE the guests arrive.  You will want to capture the overall look of the room, centerpieces, and place cards while the space is still untouched.  This can be tricky.  As reception spaces are usually completed only half an hour before the ceremony, you will want to utilize the time between the end of the ceremony and when the guests arrive.  You can have your second shooter gather the family for portraits while you grab the important shots of the reception site.  If there is no time, you can request your second shooter to go ahead and capture these details.   Either way, you will want to make sure you preserve these special memories. 

A favorite detail from my own wedding was our invitation.  Jordan Michael Thompson, a high school friend and incredible artist, actually painted the masterpiece you see below.  I sent him photos of the view from our reception site, along with the church where we would be married, and Jordan used his creativity to create a unique piece of art that truly represented the feel of our wedding on Lake Lure.   

Thank you Jordan!  You did an unbelievable job and I am so grateful for all the time you put into making every detail perfect.   

I love being able to display our wedding invitation as a piece of art in our new home. 

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  1. i loved your invitations! definitely the best invitation i have ever seen! it was so unique!