Friday, September 2, 2011


So I realize this is my third “city love” post in a row on a restaurant; I promise they will not all be about food!  This week I am going to take you to my favorite spot for cupcakes, Magnolia Bakery

Magnolia’s…my mouth just waters when I think of these delicious sugary treats.  Walking in, it is impossible not to smile as the aroma of fresh baked cakes of all flavors fills the air.  You will have a choice of two lines, one for cupcakes, and one for everything else (coffee, pastries, banana pudding etc).  I go to the cupcake line first, since it is usually the longest.  There are many flavors to choose from like red velvet, s'mores, and snickerdoodle, but my favorite is the vanilla-vanilla.  Vanilla cake with vanilla icing, super simple but definitely the best flavor!  The icing is so sweet and sugary; it literally melts in your mouth.  YUMMM!

Something they are definitely not as well known for, but should be, is their banana pudding.  With a consistency like cake batter, this banana pudding is richer and fluffier than any I have ever had before.  (You heard right, fluffier).  Try it, I guarantee you will be surprised at how much you love it. 

There are four locations in the city, but my favorite is on 6th and 49th. It is so close to the theater district and makes a great snack after a Broadway play.  Plus, the lines are never as long here.  Check out a few photos from my last visit!

The Rockefeller Center Magnolia Bakery, on 49th street and 6th avenue.
My FAVORITES!  The banana pudding, red velvet cupcake, and vanilla-vanilla cupcake.

Of course, Magnolia's is best enjoyed with friends!  HAVE A FABULOUS FRIDAY!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Love seeing food FRIDAY, especially when it involves dessert.... mmm mmm GOOD!