Monday, July 4, 2011


Have you ever woken up one day and asked, what am I doing with my life?  What am I doing to bring happiness and purpose to those who matter the most, God, my family, and myself?

I graduated from college two years ago and I have been working at a tennis club in Chatham, NJ ever since.  While I am so grateful to have a job, and better yet, a job that allows me to work with my husband every day (I love you Matt!), I can’t help but feel a lack of fulfillment. I have been playing tennis my entire life and at the risk of drawing a few eye roles, it just seems too easy to take a job in an industry I am already so comfortable with.  I guess playing competitive sports my whole life has left me with that constant need to conquer the next challenge. 

I have recently been reading the book “TEN” by my wonderful pastor, Terry Smith.  His message centers around the verse John 10:10 which says, Jesus Christ came to give us “life in all its fullness” or “more and better life than [you] ever dreamed of” (NCV, MSG).   He makes the point that God has a dream for each of us and we can tap into this dream, if we want to.  


I have been absolutely head over heals in love with photography since I received my first Polaroid camera at age seven. People probably assume I am a tourist everywhere I go because I love to document EVERYTHING, no matter how goofy I look doing it.  Being a newly wed, I am of course still majorly obsessed with anything and everything wedding.  I know there are others like me out there (at least there better be), still watching “Say Yes to the Dress” even though you bought your dress over a year ago, or sneaking a peek at the bridal magazines in line at the grocery store, hoping to pick up a new idea for a wedding that has already passed.  It is madness, I know. 

While all of these facts fuel my desire to become a wedding photographer, they are not the reasons I have decided to dive head first into this industry.  I want to take pictures that bring smiles to people’s faces each day.  I want to help capture and preserve one of the most special days in another’s life.   Mostly importantly, I want to live a “TEN” life, by using the talents I believe God has given me to fulfill a dream that will bring glory and honor to my heavenly father everyday.  

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  1. It's wonderful seeing my cousin wanting to chase what God is calling her to do! I love you, cuz! :)