Wednesday, July 6, 2011


The ocean breeze whipped through my hair as the smell of sea salt filled the air; it smelled like summer.  Standing on the beach in Cape May, NJ and watching the sunset was the cherry on top of a perfect Fourth of July weekend. 

We had just finished eating dinner at the Lobster House with our friend Ben (who graciously let us crash at his place over the weekend) when we decided to try and catch the sunset over the Delaware Bay.  It was 8:00 p.m. and we had just enough time to make it, if we hurried.  I ran to use the ladies room but of course the line was out the door so I decided to skip it. Obviously taking pictures at sunset was more important!!

As we walked down to the beach and the beautiful light filled my camera lens, I knew it was worth rushing to see this.  I quickly adjusted my settings and handed my camera to Ben, exclaiming, "quick, take pictures of Matt and I “frolicking” on the beach!"  Matt was so excited to frolic.  

By this time, I really had to pee and the crash of the ocean waves was NOT helping.  Matt, taking advantage of the situation, started poking me in the bladder, laughing at me as I tried to squirm away.  Matt’s playful personality is one of my favorite things about him, but come on, he was totally not playing fair!  

Good news, my tickle torture was so worth it!  When I got my camera back I was happy to see that Ben had been snapping photos of the entire scene.  Check out a few of my favorites below. 

I believe the most beautiful pictures are those that capture true emotion.  My goal is to capture couples on their most special day with laughter on their faces and love in their eyes.    

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