Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Deciding.  Making a decision and sticking to it.  That is the scary first step everyone has to take when it comes to following a dream.  For me, deciding was the hardest part.  Going after what you love means risking failure.  Will I be good enough?  Where do I even begin?  And the toughest part, what will others think?  It can be a vulnerable place.  However, I believe that big risks often offer BIG rewards.  By deciding to take that first step in the direction of your dream, you are allowing yourself the chance to SUCCEED.   A chance to go all out and to live a life filled with passion. Everyday.  Take that first step. Decide.  Choosing what you love to do and then doing it can feel like the greatest success in the world.

Photo by Mekina Saylor :)

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