Friday, January 6, 2012


I love candy.  No...that doesn't even do it justice.  I LUVVVVVVVE me some candy!  I could eat candy all day, every day, for every meal.  I love it that much.  When I am really craving candy, I go one place...Dylan's Candy Bar.  Just the name brings on a warm fuzzy feeling and a big smile to my face.  Drawing in kids and adults of all ages, Dylan's Candy Bar really does have something for everyone.

Located on 60th and 3rd, this candy lovers' haven takes up three entire stories.  As you enter through the large glass doors, an island in the middle of the store entirely surrounded with types of gummies awaits. That is where I go first.  The back wall is filled with chocolates...chocolate covered raisins, chocolate peanuts and chocolate covered marshmallows, just to name a few.  The bottom level holds candies from around the world and the top floor, an actual "candy bar", serving things like root beer floatinis and strawberry nerds mojitos.  My favorite is their signature hot chocolate.  It is like nothing I have ever tasted.  Next time you are in the area, stop by and try one.  I guarantee it will warm up the coldest of days.  HAPPY FRIDAY!

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