Wednesday, January 18, 2012


One year ago, Kim and Jeff were ready.  The paintings were hung in the nursery and the diapers were stacked high. These soon to be parents had even practiced buckling their build a bear into a brand new car seat.  Kim and Jeff were ready.  Ready for the arrival of their first son.  

Devan was born on January 25, 2010, one day after his mother's birthday.  Kim said she couldn't have ask for a better gift.  With ten little fingers and ten tiny toes, Devan was a healthy boy, with parents who loved him very much.  When I asked Kim what surprised her the most about having a child, she said it was the fact that she could go with so little sleep and actually be okay!  "Devan was waking up every two hours those first few months.  I would get up and feed him.  When he started sleeping through the night, I was a little sad!  I missed that extra time with my son!"  Jeff has big plans for Devan.  He dreams of throwing the baseball with his little man one day.  "Devan's got long fingers.  He would make a great pitcher!"  One thing is for sure, Devan is truly loved.

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of photographing Devan for his 1st birthday!  Smiling every time he saw his favorite book, he was clearly excited for his hungry caterpillar themed party next weekend.  Enjoy a peek into this beautiful family's life below. 
The Very Hungry Caterpillar is Devan's favorite book.  Kim and Jeff have done a great job preparing the cutest touches for Devan's themed party next Saturday, thanks to Etsy.

With those big eyes and a beautiful smile, Devan is already a little ladies man!

Kim and Jeff's eyes light up every time they look at their son.  It is incredibly sweet to watch.

Devan's favorite toys are cars and planes.  Only 15 more years until Devan will be driving a car of his own!

Devan had the propeller spinning on this vintage yellow plane.  He was ready for it to take off and fly!

LOVE LOVE LOVE these little curls.
What an adorable family, all smiles and brimming with love.
Devan didn't know what to think of his birthday balloon!  Should he eat it, pop it, or let it fly?!

He settled for letting it go, reaching for his "Very Hungry Caterpillar" book instead.  
As the photo shoot came to an end, Devan laid down to close his eyes.  Looking this cute was hard work!!  Kim and Jeff, it was wonderful getting to know your family.  I wish you a lifetime full of happy birthdays and plenty of delicious cake for each one!

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  1. Amy,
    Great photos of Devan. I love the photo showing off his natural curls (very creative). I also like the first photos in his hat. I really like the photo of him setting on the bed. The natural light provided beautiul colors. You got to smile when you see him biting the balloon. Great job capturing this little guy's photos.