Thursday, December 22, 2011


As much as we think we know ourselves, sometimes our friends know us better.  Thank goodness for Ashley and Brandon, this was the case.  Two years ago, Ashley's friend Katie saw something in Brandon that she knew would change Ashley's world.  Okay, are you ready to follow this?  Katie (Ashley's friend) was dating Thomas (Brandon's friend).  Brandon and Thomas were in the same med school class and on the same soccer team.  As soon as Katie met Brandon, she knew she had to introduce him to Ashley.  After some begging (well...a lot of begging), Katie convinced Ashley to accompany her to a soccer game where she was sure to meet Brandon.  Things couldn't have gone more perfectly.  Ashley and Brandon immediately hit it off, laughing and learning about each other over a few slices of pizza after the game.

A little over a year ago, on New Years Eve, Brandon got down on one knee and asked Ashley to marry him.  He even had Ashley's brother hide and video tape the entire thing.  Check it out here, and make sure to have some tissues handy!  They are getting married this June and couldn't be more excited.

This week I had the pleasure of photographing Ashley and Brandon's New York City engagement session.  The day couldn't have been more beautiful!  Check out some of my favorites below :)

 We started off the engagement session by the Reservoir in Central Park.  The city made an incredible backdrop to the glassy lake. 

Ashley's smile always lights up Brandon's day.
Ashley and Brandon are one of those couples that find joy in every situation.  Spending the day with them was incredibly uplifting and a whole lot of fun!  
Thanks to my second shooter Mekina for always capturing such creative angles!

Ashley fell in love with Brandon's honesty, determination, and consideration for others.  

Brandon says Ashley has changed his life for the better.  He can't wait to make her his wife.

Ashley's ring fits her personality perfectly, classic and elegant.  

Ashley and Brandon completely support each other.  Brandon is finishing up his last year of medical school in Kentucky while Ashley works as an elementary school guidance counselor.

Guys always smile bigger on a full stomach! These vanilla coconut cupcakes from Sprinkles made for a sweet treat at the end of the shoot. 
While I captured this angle of Ashley and Brandon on Bow Bridge...

...Mekina captured this one!

Ashley and Brandon, it was truly a pleasure spending the afternoon with you.  You are kind, funny, and have beautiful hearts.  Best of luck as you start your lives together.  You make an incredible team!


  1. It's so fun seeing my friend so in love and truely happy. This is definitely the top of my list for favorite photoshoots! I can't wait for them to be Husband and Wife! JUNE 9th!

    Way to go AMY! :)

  2. Amy and Mekina- thank you so much! We love the pictures and had so much fun taking them :) Love and appreciate you both!

  3. Amy,
    Great job capturing Ashley and Brandon. I really like the 3D look of photos under the trees. I like the bench picture, where Ashley is in focus and Brandon is out of focus. You effectively captured their love for each other that clearly shows through the photos, except the boot picture. Great job Amy.