Thursday, December 1, 2011


You never know when you are going to make a new friend, or meet the next big star.  I met Suzanne Alexander at a Welcome to the Life event last spring for my church.  I was immediately drawn in by her warm smile and contagious laugh.  After a little investigating, I noticed she was sitting with her husband Michael (I simply checked to see if they were wearing rings...I'm WEIRD I KNOW!)  Since Matt and I were looking to connect with other young couples at our church, we went over to say hi.  Turns out, Suzanne and Michael are also 24 and had just gotten married on October 17, 2010, one day after Matt and I were married.  Well in my mind, this meant instant BFFness!  Suzanne must have felt the same way because we quickly joined the same life group and have basically seen each other every week since.  

Besides our almost shared wedding day, Suzanne and I both have a mutual love for Broadway .  I knew Suzanne had a passion and a gift for music but I didn't find out just how amazingly talented she was until this past Monday.  I received an email from Suzanne with her song attached and instructions to listen to it and provide honest feedback.  I immediately opened it up and started jamming out in my car to Suzanne's new song "Hold Love".  I also might have hit the replay button and listened to it again and times in a row.  I've posted her song below so you can listen for yourself!  WARNING: This song can be addicting.  

In the past few weeks, Suzanne has made it into some big name offices in New York.  Music has always been her true passion and she is trying to decide whether to take a leap and follow her dream.  You can help Suzanne by clicking on the YouTube button on the video above and leaving your honest feedback on her video there.  I hope Suzanne's song will put a smile on your face and joy in your heart, just as it has done for me :)

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