Friday, December 9, 2011


It was an early Tennessee morning.  So early in fact that the fog had not yet lifted from the lake in Warriors Path State Park.  Danielle and her family arrived at 7:30 a.m., right as the sun made it's way over the horizon.  Out of the car piled Danielle, her boyfriend Ethan, Danielle's sister, her boyfriend Jeremy, and Danielle's mom.  Did you follow that?!  After a big round of welcome hugs we made our way up the Tennessee hills to begin our amazing shoot!

With such a big group of people, I had to remember the main reason we were there.  Danielle's senior graduation.  Four long years of high school were finally coming to an end!  In May, Danielle will walk across the stage with a diploma from Daniel Boone High School.  What better way to celebrate than with a collection of beautiful photos to document this special time in her life?  Congratulations Danielle!  Enjoy your senior portraits!

We started on the dock of the Patrick Henry Reservoir.  The white fog made everything look magical
Danielle was a natural in front of the camera!
Danielle brought along a few of her biggest supporters, her boyfriend Ethan, sister Michelle, and Michelle's boyfriend Jeremy.  I am loving their reflections on the still lake.
You guys totally look like you belong on Dawson's Creek!

Danielle and Ethan have been dating for FIVE YEARS!  Their relationship is inspiring.  

I couldn't resist snapping a few shots of Danielle's mom, Lisa, with her two beautiful girls.  You all look AMAZING!  

Love makes the sun shine a little brighter.  
Michelle is studying at the University of Tennessee.  She and Jeremy met in high school and have been together for over two years.   

STOP IT Danielle!  You are just too gorgeous!  

"Sisters by birth, friends by choice."

Views like this make me miss living in Tennessee!  Danielle and Ethan look so happy together on the gentle rolling hills. 


I couldn't have been more obsessed with this leaf covered location in Warriors Path State Park. 

Ethan gave this delicately engraved heart necklace to Danielle.  It is the gift from him that she treasures the most.
Lisa could not be more proud of her sweet and successful daughter Danielle.

Danielle loves Hello Kitty ALMOST as much as she loves Ethan!

After a morning filled with photos, we headed to the playground to have a little fun!  

Danielle, you are truly as beautiful on the inside as you are out.  It was a pleasure capturing you and your  beautiful family.  Best of luck as you embark on the next chapter of your life!


  1. Amy,
    The pictures of Danielle and Michelle are great! I really like the pictures with the sun in the background. The highlights are amazing. Danielle is a beauiful young lady and you effectively captured her beauty and the fun she was having taking her high school photos. I also like the natural fog photos. The fog gives a surreal effect. Congrats.

  2. These photos are amazing! I have so many favorites! I especially love the vertical photo of Danielle sitting in the tree! Such a beautiful senior, family and couples! This is definitely one of my favorite photo shoots you've done yet.