Thursday, December 15, 2011


It was midnight.  I was scrolling through The Knot, looking for inspiration from the other amazing photographers in my area for this weekend's wedding.  That's when I saw it.  On the top of my all time favorite wedding website read: The Knot Spotlight on...Amy Rizzuto Photography!  I sat there, stunned, heart racing.  Thoughts of jumping up and down on the bed and doing the happy dance crossed my mind but I tried to resist as my hubby was sound asleep beside me.  The Knot was spotlighting me as a photographer in the North Jersey area!  I couldn't believe it!  In that moment I felt completely blessed, quickly thanking God for having big dreams for me and encouraging me to go after them.

Click on the Spotlight below to see my profile on The Knot!

As if this wasn't exciting enough, I recently discovered Kleinfeld Bridal Salon in New York City has added me as a Kleinfeld Featured photographer!  This honor puts me on their top ten list of photographers in the North Jersey area.  If you would like to check it out, click on the Kleinfeld link below!

This feature was doubly exciting since I actually found my wedding dress at Kleinfeld's when I was a bride!  After watching 10,000 eposioide of Say Yes to the Dress, I just had to go!

A big thanks goes out to those who have supported me in these last few months.  I love you all!

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  1. its real!!!!!! wooo hooo Congrats Amy! So happy for you and all your accomplishments :)